Clean & Green Energy Solutions

Affordable and clean energy is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations. Almost 3 billion people in the World rely on wood, coal, charcoal and animal waste for cooking and heating which have negative impacts on health and environment both. As per an estimate by United Nations energy alone contributes to around 60% of total greenhouse gas emissions which is a major cause of climate change. To mitigate the risk of climate change access to clean and green energy is the need of the hour.

The team at Ecociate posses specialized domain knowledge and experience in designing affordable and clean technology solutions for its clients. Team has already worked with renowned major energy players to design the solutions around clean energy to poor and marginalized communities.

Ecociate works with leading organizations including corporate, donor agencies and new age enterprise to help them design, develop, taste and deliver the solutions around clean & green energy. We offer the following services in the field of clean and green energy.

  • Market and field research to develop a clean energy product prototype
  • Market scoping for green & clean energy based products
  • Market testing or Piloting for clean and green energy prototypes
  • Business modelling for clean and green energy entrepreneurs.

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