Service Offering for Farmer Producer Organisations

Collectives of primary producers, especially small and marginal farmers, artisans, livestock rearers and fisher-folk etc. organized into Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) has emerged as one of the most sought-after pathways to address many challenges of agriculture and allied sectors faced by the smallholders. FPOs are thus primarily formed with a notion of using economies of scale in favour of the small and marginal members and facilitate accrual of better prices, lower transaction costs and reduce expenditure on inputs among other benefits to them.

However, majority of FPOs face a plethora of challenges in their path, like creating a well-governed organization to carry out desired functions efficiently and effectively, identifying appropriate business opportunities, incorporating business principles, ensuring statutory compliance’s, initiating collective enterprises etc. to provide its members better services and products on the one hand and create surplus for itself on the other. Moreover, deep appreciation of the local context aspects related to (i) need of the farmers (ii) rain-fed or irrigated agriculture, (ii) commodities of the area (e.g. single crop or multi crops), (iii) prevalent service ecosystem, (iv) niche products courtesy ecological farming, organic farming etc. are crucial to determine the growth perspective of the FPO.

1. Identifying business issues and gaps

    • detailed assessment of the business, HR structure, administrative functions of the FPO
    • value chain analysis and market assessment for the FPO products, and
    • assessment of various enabling support services and schematic assistance available for the FPO to harness more steam in their business.

2. Strategy formulation for FPO

      • Risk assessment, Business modelling, enhancing efficiency and
      • Expansion of the existing business and identifying other potential propositions

3. Support in implementation of the suggested strategies

        • hand holding and nurturing at different stages of FPOs life cycle viz. mobilization, initiation, stabilization and diversification
        • develop specific capacity building modules and facilitation and its delivery through classroom sessions, exposure visits to markets and other institutions, demonstration of technologies, etc.
        • building capacity of a range of stakeholders e.g. promoting organizations, BoD and office bearers, CEOs and operational staff, member farmers, associated vendors and entrepreneurs etc.

4. Efficient business operations through IT led solutions

          • Integration of ERP based digital solutions FPO for effective management and efficient functioning of FPOs resulting in creation of systems and processes which would lead towards social, environment and economic sustainability

Thus, Ecociate has emerged as one of the very few specialized institutions that engage deeper than simple business plan preparation and EDP trainings to deliver an end to end service package particularly designed for the needs of today’s FPOs. The following diagram captures the services we have offered to various organizations.

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