About Us




About Us

We are a knowledge-based organization with the capacity to Ideate, Conceptualize and Activate new business solutions through a process of Community Co-creation and Business Modelling for social and corporate businesses. We aim to integrate innovation and sustainability in business models which leads to an overall enhancement in the Quality of life, Societal development, and Economic gains at the Bottom of the Pyramid. We bring unique skill sets to understand, map and analyse the needs of the users and offer customized sustainable solutions. Our ability to generate insights on the dynamics in low-income communities serves as an impetus to design and deliver sustainable solutionsin the domain of AFOLU (The Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use) with the focus on regenerative agriculture, agroecology, agro-biodiversity, organic farming, sustainable aquaculture, climate change,inclusive market systems, Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) management and enterprise development, vulnerability reduction and many more.


To innovate sustainable solutions that harmonize ecology, economy, and ecosystems resulting in enhancing quality of life at the Bottom of the Pyramid and benefiting relevant stakeholders with a win-win proposition.

Guiding Principles

The world is relentlessly working towards:

  • Finding sustainable solutions to reduce impacts of Climate Changeon agri and allied sectors and related livelihoods
  • Including poor and vulnerable communities,and empowering them to participate in the change
  • Ensuring access to safe and nutritious food.

Ecociate has chosen to be part of this forward momentum by

  • Crafting solutions by adhering toTriple Bottom Lines
  • Co-creating landscape oriented pathways with communities/community institutions, policy makers, private sector and consumers etc. for safe and nutritious food

Strengthening farmers’ collectives by instilling good governance, leveraging social infrastructure, upgrading technology, market linkages through bottom-up participatory business planning and periodic hand holding.