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Webinar on Workforce Nutrition during COVID-19

Good nutrition is good life. Healthy diets and good nutrition with adequate macro and micronutrients are the fundamentals of health and human development. Good nutrition from early life, notably in the first 1,000 days of life, leads to high Intelligence Quotient (IQ), enhances human capital potential, and breaks the passivity. Any investment made in sustainable food and nutrition gives significant returns. Global studies have measured that for every dollar invested in nutrition there is an average return of 16 dollars.

Indigenous people have been effective stewards of biodiversity globally

Prakash Kashwan is an associate professor in the Political Science department at the University of Connecticut, United States. His research, scholarship, and teaching focus on climate justice, global climate governance, international and environmental policy and politics, and the political economy of development. He speaks to Ishan Kukreti on his work, Democracy in the Woods: Environmental Conservation and Social Justice in India, Tanzania, and Mexico. How did the idea of Democracy in the Woods take shape? Why compare three countries that are so different from one another? This book

1/8th of flora & fauna face extinction due to degradation of biodiversity

NEW DELHI: Nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history and its impact will see extinction of one million of the eight million estimated number of animal and plant species, many of them within decades, unless their habitats are restored, said the UN-backed inter-governmental body in a report released in Paris on Monday. Blaming “human activities’ for such threat, the body comprising 130 member countries including India, noted how humans have already severely altered 75% of land surface, 40% of marine

Training program for FPO professionals on Business Development Strategies for Farmer Collectives

Ecociate organized a 3-day training programme for FPO professionals on Business Development Strategies for Farmer Collectives from 21st-23rd Feb in New Delhi. The training was attended by 20 professionals representing organizations Agribusiness System International, Ambuja Cement Foundation, HEIFER, Basix Krishi Samruddhi Limited, BAIF Institute of Rural Development, Jal Jeevika, KEANSA, who are deeply rooted in promoting and strengthening Farmer Producer Organizations. Apart from its in-house faculty of practitioner trainers Mr. Kirti Mishra, Mr. Ashwini Chandak and Mr. Nirmallya Mandal, sessions were taken by