Baseline Study for Shubh Mint Project by Agribusiness System International

Project Name: Baseline Study for Shubh Mint Project

Client Name Agribusiness System International (ASI)

Project Location: Uttar Pradesh

1) Develop demographic characteristics of mint farmers in Barabanki and Lucknow districts and their economic profile including household income, investment pattern in mint farming, spending and savings.
2) Farm production information on mint productivity, agricultural practices and cost of farm production. This includes access to inputs for farming like mint stolon, and input usage pattern.
3) Relevant information on Mint Oil production related to distillation machinery, cost of machinery, the yield from mint oil distillation, cost of distillation and min oil production.
4) Mint market information related to Storing practices of mint farmers, their access to information on mint prices. Access to irrigation, usage and management of water for mint production
5) Social Capital status of mint farming villages, i.e. farmer group participation, women role in mint farming, decision making by gender.
6) Cropping pattern other than mint, crop productivity, cost of production.
7) Use of mobile technology in mint farming, mint oil production and marketing.
8) Access to financial services including mobile phone-based financial services.

Activities Performed:

1) Quantitative and Qualitative survey of identified stakeholders

2) A quantitative survey of 1300 smallholder mint farmers (male & female)Survey and data collection tools
3) Digital data collection tool using ZOHO creater platform.
4) Raw and cleaned data set
5) Draft baseline study report
6) Final baseline study report

Baseline Study for Shubh Mint Project by Agribusiness System International

Client:Agribusiness System International (ASI)