Baseline Study on ‘Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Organic Foods in India

Project Name: Baseline Study on ‘Promoting Sustainable Consumption and Production Systems for Safe and Organic Foods in India’

Project Location: Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Udaipur and Indore


1) Assess awareness, knowledge, attitude and behaviour of consumers towards organic and safe food
Evaluate the Consumers access to information on organic foods, brands and retail points, and their buying and consumption behaviour.
2) Study the market reach of organic food products and brands and get insights into the retailer‟s motivation and interest to promote organic food products.
3) Study the FPOs involved in producing organic food for their capacity to process, package and undergo certification process
4) Study the regulatory ecosystem for organic food products to understand the enabling factors and barriers to the growth of the sector.

Activities Performed:

1) Recruitment, training and handholding of a research team comprising of over 80 enumerators.
2) Developing the operational and supervision plan for field work spread over 2 months.
3) Assessed the sustainable sugarcane cultivation practices of 48000 sugarcane farmers.
4) Effective monitoring systems were developed to ensure the quality of assessment and generated data.