Developing community led sustainable solutions to prevent crop stubble burning-‘No Burn Farm’

Project Name: Study on biomass (of stables) to develop a strategy for beyond Happy Seeder model

Project Location: Haryana


1) To reduce the instances of crop stubble burning by supporting the farmers through appropriate alternative technologies”
2) To develop the knowledge and insights about the issues and challenges around crop burning.
3) To identify and evaluate available solutions around crop stubble burning.
4) To design and campaign a behaviour change communication program to encourage adaptation of „no burn farm‟ practices.
5) To develop the system and procedures for implementation of identified solutions.

Activities Performed:

1) Extensive discussions with farmers and other stakeholders (Technology suppliers, FPOs, scientist, entrepreneurs) to understand the issues, challenges and available alternatives around the problem.
2) Partnered with a local NGO for the mobilization and implementation of the project.
3) Developed and designed the pilot project around happy seeder on a customer hiring model.
4) Organized a behaviour change communication campaign to bring the behavioural changes in the age old practice of farmers.
5) Approx 500 acres of land was made crop stubble burning free by the efforts of the project