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Safe Food and Nutrition

Adequate Nutrition is essential for human development. Malnutrition includes both undernutrition as well as overnutrition and refers to deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in the intake of energy, protein and/or other nutrients. The need for better nutrition was recognised in SDG 2, which aims to “end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. The goal acknowledges that efforts to combat hunger and malnutrition have advanced significantly since 2000. However, ending hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition for all will require continued and focused efforts, especially in Asia and Africa. A review of trends in economic growth, health and nutrition indicates that India is undergoing rapid socioeconomic demographic, nutrition and health transitions. Undernutrition continues to be persistently high in the country and remains a challenge.

Improving nutrition goes beyond SDG2 and success in nutrition is linked to each of the SDGs – improving nutrition is foundational to sustainable global development. Tackling malnutrition will have wide-reaching consequences for improving health and working to end poverty.

In addition to the support of civil society organizations, academicians and bilateral organizations, the Government of India has taken significant steps for providing food security and combating malnutrition over the past four decades through various programmes like Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), the Mid-Day Meal programme; and strengthening the Public Distribution System (PDS). The National Food Security Act 2013 ensures access to an adequate quantity of quality food through government food security programmes.

To make progress on sustainable development it is therefore essential to make progress on nutrition.With this mandate, Ecociate has also joined the league by supporting the leading organizations including corporate, donor agencies and new age enterprises in combating malnutrition in India. Ecociate has built a key understanding of the nutrition ecosystem consisting of health, environment, hidden hunger, food diversity, and safe and nutritious food. Ecociate has rich experience in developing supply chain systems and developing linkages for nutritional products. It has recognised fortification as key to tackling undernourishment & hidden hunger, especially amongst women & children and developed innovative nutrition-oriented enterprises.