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Looking to expand your knowledge and connect with others passionate about empowering rural communities? Check out our Events page regularly! Here, you’ll find upcoming workshops, training sessions, and conferences focused on skills development, rural enterprise growth, and sustainable solutions. We offer events for both individuals and organizations, so join us and be part of the movement towards a thriving rural future!

Upcoming Events

Ecociate is excited to announce the upcoming knowledge event, “Inclusive Growth – Impacting Agriculture and Food Sector,” dedicated to showcasing and discussing solutions that foster inclusive growth within India’s agriculture and food sector. This event aims to honour the contributions of exemplary leaders from both business and social sectors while fostering strategic dialogues, collaborations, and actionable insights to address the pressing challenges within India’s agriculture and food landscape. Bringing together a diverse array of stakeholders, including Government and Public sector representatives, Private sector innovators, social sector advocates, Emerging start-ups, and Investors, this event will serve as a platform for robust discussions, debates, and the co-creation of sustainable solutions. More Details