Sustainable Production Systems

Sustainable Production Systems

In approaching the new millennium, the industry is bound to recognize that it has an obligation to society not only to create wealth but to develop sustainable production systems which minimize environmental consequences.

Sustainable production systems refer to agriculture/crop production or creation of goods and services using processes and systems that do not impose any harm to the environment and, biodiversity and also conserving energy and natural resources, economically viable, safe and healthful for the community.

Producing crops sustainably increases the ability of the system to maintain stable levels of food production and quality for the long term without increasing the demand and requirements of agricultural chemical inputs to control the system. Sustainable crop production deals with keeping the soil alive with organic matter, integrated pest management and reducing the usage of pesticides, protecting biodiversity, ensuring food safety and food quality, improving nutrient quality, and fertilizing the soil with organic fertilizers. Sustainable agricultural production leads to a lowering of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint of the overall world. Sustainable usage of resources ensures a pollution-free environment for our future generations.

The team at Ecociate possess specialized domain knowledge and experience in co-creating sustainable production systems for its community and clients. The team has already worked with renowned major sustainability players to design innovative solutions around sustainable agriculture for poor and marginalized communities.

Ecociate works with leading organizations including corporate, donor agencies and new age enterprises to help them design, develop, test and deliver the solutions around regenerative agriculture, agroecology, agro-biodiversity, organic farming, climate resilient, natural farming, sustainable aquaculture, conservation of natural resources, and their efficient utilization. Ecociate offers techno-managerial, research, consultancy and capacity-building support to its clients around sustainable production systems.

We provide support to programs that are working towards helping the farming communities in transitioning from conventional input-intensive farming towards a more sustainable mode of production. The solutions consist of knowledge and skill building of farmers around sustainable agriculture production, creating access to bio-inputs, market access and certification, leveraging enabling environment, climate financing and agro-tech.